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Magnets are one of those elements that we come across in the daily course of our lives. Needless to mention, they play a very important role in our lives. Because of their magnetic qualities, magnets are put to various uses in different industries. For instance, magnets are used in a variety of devices that we use every day such as computers, MRI machines, toys, credit cards, etc. Depending on their magnetic qualities and composition there are three main types of magnets which include Permanent magnets, Temporary Magnets, and Electromagnets.

While some of the magnets are visible in the devices that they are used, others are fitted inside the inner workings of the devices. Thus, it can be said that even if you can’t see the magnets they are silently doing their work unseen.

Importance Of Magnets In Our Daily Lives

As already mentioned above, magnets are used for a number of purposes some of which we are going to discuss now.

Computers and Electronics

Most computers have magnets tucked inside the inner workings which help the computer store data on its hard drives. The magnets present inside the device help alter the direction of the magnetic material on the hard disk in different segments that represent computer data. The computer read the direction of each segment of the magnetic material in order to read the data. Apart from this magnets are also found inside small speakers, USB cable, radios, and televisions all of which form a daily part of our lives. 

Electric Power and Other Industries

In the industrial sector, magnets are considered to be one of the most important elements that they use. Magnets that are used in electric generators to convert the mechanical energy into electricity and vice versa. When it comes to the recycling part, electromagnets are used to grab large pieces of metal (not a real big magnet) that weigh more than thousands of kilos. Other than that magnets are also used in the mines (magnetic drum) with the help of which metallic ores are separated from crushed rock. Magnets are also used in the food processing units where it is used to remove small pieces of metals from grains other food items. Thus, you can see how useful magnets are for the industrial sector as well as for us.

Health and Medicine

 Magnets are also used in the field of medicines. Equipment such as MRI machines make use of a magnet in order to function. Apart from the medical equipment magnets are also used for treating cancer. A magnetically sensitive fluid is injected into the patient’s body after which a powerful magnet is used to produce heat in the body. The generating heat helps kill the cancer cells without harming any of the organs in the body.

magnet health care

At Home

 You may not know or notice but most of the devices that we use at our home have magnets in them which serve some purpose or the other. For example, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, credit cards, phones, doorbells, etc. have magnets in them.

From the above discussion, it is clear that magnets form an integral part of the devices that we use in our daily lives and thus, magnets are important for us humans.

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