plastic coated magnets

What is plastic coated magnets?

Plastic coated magnets are neodymium magnets with plastic coating, PTFE or Arcylic coating. That is different the rubber magnet. Most of the time, they are strong permanent magnets, which are encapsulated on the outside in durable housing. Plastic-colored magnets are currently very popular in the market.

plastic coated magnets

Usually, the sizes of plastic-coated magnets are standard sizes. And typically, the plastic coating is made of ABS plastic.
Neodymium magnet manufacturers use injection machines for the mass production of plastic-coated magnets.
Meanwhile, for smaller orders of custom plastic-coated neodymium magnets, we can make samples by using 3D printing and ultrasonic plastic welding techniques. And this will help customers save development costs.

Plastic Magnets


1). You can make the neodymium magnets completely waterproof
This feature is very useful if the magnets for your applications will be exposed to the air and even liquid water. One typical example can be magnetic buttons for whiteboards.

2). Thanks to the protection of the closed plastic cover, plastic-coated magnets are safe to use in severe working environments. Typical examples can be labs and chemical factories, where acid and alkaline chemicals are all around.

3). Neodymium magnets are relatively fragile and may break if not used properly. The plastic coating can function as an additional layer of exterior support for the magnets, which will be less likely to break.

4). The plastic coatings can protect the surfaces, where the plastic-coated magnet sticks to. The plastic is comparatively softer, so it’s less likely for it to leave scratch marks on whiteboards, and other glossy surfaces.

5). Various colors are available. This feature is really nice if the neodymium magnets are for consumer products – no matter for homes or offices. Using labels of different colors is a very effective way to keep things well organized. Colorful magnetic labels are unquestionable a popular design in the market.

3. Applications  

Usually, we can see a lot of plastic-coated magnets in the consumer product market. However, this type of magnet also has many applications in other industries and many different fields.
Remember, the type of plastic and its strength can be optimized to fit various applications. Osenc is a custom neodymium magnet supplier, and we work together with some of the most excellent coating technique sub-suppliers. We will do our best to find the best solution for you.

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