N54 Neodymium Magnets

N54 neodymium magnets are the grade of neodymium magnets.

It is the most powerful industrial-grade neodymium magnet that has been mass-produced. According to China national standards (BG/T 13560-2017, Sintered Neodymium Iron Boron Permanent Magnets), N54 has the biggest maximum energy product ((BH)max) 51 to 55 MGOe and Br 1.45 to 14.5 kG.

n54 magnet


Advantages of N54 Neodymium magnets

Although N54 is not as widely used as N52 neodymium magnet, the main reason for its mass applications is that it has two major advantages: big strenth and high hardness.

Big Strength

In the N grades, N54 has high Br and BH values which means N54 has big magnetic strength and big power.

High Hardness

Like N52, N54 has higher hardness and is convenient for machining. It is this characteristic that both N54 and N52 are the main processing materials for micromagnetism.

N54 neodymium magnets


The N54 has a big disadvantage that prevents it from having a bigger application than the N52.

Easy Demagnetize

Its coercivity is lower than other N-series products. This also means that it is easier to demagnetize. If used on magnetic assemblies, their service life will be lower than other products. So that is not a good choice for Halbach array.

Lower Working Temperature

At the same time, the temperature resistance of N54 is also relatively low, about 60 Celsius degrees.  In other N-series grade, it is 80 Celsius degrees.

N54 Magnets Are Expensive

In order to increase the Br, N54 takes Nd instead the PrNd. As you know, Nd is more expensive than PrNd. That is why N54 is more expensive than N52. 

N54 Neodymium Magnets purchase guide

Higher energy product material is typically stronger than lower energy product material, but there may be other factors to consider.

When choosing material grade customers should consider:

  • Operating temperature
  • Magnet geometry
  • Application requirements
  • Cost and value

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