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Magnetic Field Viewing Film

Magnetic Field Viewing Film is a soft magnetic pole detection sheet containing magnetic powder. This tool allows you to easily determine the orientation and number of magnetic poles on a magnet through the induction of magnetic field polarity.


Simply place the magnetic wave card close to the magnetic material, and you can observe the magnetization method and count the number of magnetic poles.

Principle Explanation:

As you approach a magnetic substance, the magnetic wave card reveals two distinct parts – a bright area and a dark area. The bright area signifies the magnetic field lines parallel to the card’s surface, where liquid magnetic powder reflects light. This region allows light to penetrate more easily compared to the dark areas (representing magnetic field lines perpendicular to the card’s surface). Utilizing the interaction of light and dark areas provides an easy and convenient method to identify magnetic poles.


When not in use, avoid prolonged contact with magnets to prevent permanent marks on the magnetic card.
The magnetic wave card can detect the direction and number of poles in the magnetic field but cannot determine whether the polarity is North (N) or South (S).
Discover the fascinating world of magnets with our Magnetic Field View Film – a simple and effective tool for exploring magnetic properties!



Yellow Magnetic Field Viewing Film


Green Magnetic Field Viewing Film

3. Colorful

Colorful Magnetic Field Viewing Film

4. Liquid

Liquid Magnetic Field Viewing Film

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