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Neodymium magnet tubes

Neodymium magnet tubes are permanent magnet of the tube or cylinder shape with a hole in the center. It has a geometric shape whose height (length) is longer than its diameter. 

They are popular as one of the basic shapes suitable for use in a range of consumer goods and industrial devices. We can find many of their applications in a variety of products and industries – such as electrical motors, generators, sensors, and magnetic separation apparatus.  

neodymium magnet tubes


The shapes of neodymium magnets tubes are quite similar to magnetic discs. The major differences are they are comparatively longer / higher, and they have a hole in the center.  

You can define the diameters of the inner holes depending on your applications. A single piece of the continuous magnetic tube can offer an even and uniform magnetic field, and the overall cost is possibly to be lower than a magnetic assembly with many smaller magnetic blocks.  


They have common applications in consumer products and industrial devices. Below are some of the most typical applications for neodymium magnet tubes. 

Small Motors:

Tube-shaped magnets can be used in some common electric motors, where they can provide the magnetic field needed for the motor to operate. 


Magnetic tubes can be used in various types of sensors, such as proximity sensors and position sensors, which are used to detect the presence or position of objects. 

Linear actuators:

Neodymium magnet tubes can be used in linear actuators, which are used to convert rotary motion into linear motion. 

Magnetic bearings: Magnetic neodymium tubes are sometimes used in magnetic bearings, which use magnetic fields to support and move rotating objects. 


Osenc is a custom neodymium magnet supplier with intensive experience in making magnets of various shapes. Some of the potential difficulties for this type of magnets are as follows. But no worries, we always take quality as one of our priorities over cost-effectiveness.   

There are a number of challenges and difficulties in manufacturing neodymium magnet tubes. The most common one is about precise dimensions and tolerances – typically, the inner or outer diameters must have the right sizes.  

Meanwhile, neodymium magnet tubes can sometimes have issues with their magnetic uniformity. The magnetism may not be distributed evenly throughout the entire length of the cylinder, which can affect its performance.  


Dimensional identification


D for the outer diameter 

d for the inner diameter 

H for the thickness (height)   


If the dimension of neodymium magnet tube is D10 x d7 x 3 mm 

Its outer diameter is 10 mm 

The inner diameter is 5 mm 

The thickness is 2 mm 


In regular, neodymium magnet tubes just have 1 types of hole: straight holes. Straight holes are drilled vertically into the magnets. It is different with the neodymium ring magnets, that has 2 type: straight holes and countersunk holes.  


If a magnet tube has a dimension of D10 x M7 x 2 mm 

Its outer diameter is 10 mm  

The major hole diameter is 5 mm  

And the thickness is 2 mm 

micro magnets

Available dimensions

1). Available sizes for neodymium magnet tubes 

Outer diameters: 1.5 – 60 mm (1/16 – 2 1/4inches) 

Inner diameters: 0.4 – 50 mm (1/64 – 2 inches) 

Height: 0.3 – 120 mm (1/64 – 4 ¾ inches) 

Max magnetic direction: 120mm (4 ¾ inches) 



If your designs are close to the biggest or smallest values, we need to confirm details case by case. 

We have rich experience in producing micro neodymium magnet tubes. If your project needs them, please feel free to contact us.




The quality of a neodymium magnet’s magnetic field determines how strong it is. A neodymium magnet’s grade is denoted by a number. A greater magnetic field is indicated by a larger number. 

Neodymium magnets have different grades, ranging from N35 to N55, and they also have high-temperature grades for special applications, like H, M, SH, EH, and AH. 

You can refer to our introduction to neodymium magnet grades. It will be helpful for you to determine which grade is the most appropriate for you. 


Magnetization directions

Usually, the magnetization direction of neodymium magnet tubes is the radial magnetization direction.  

Their applications are quite similar. You will need their large cylindrical surfaces to attract metals, rather than the 2 small surfaces on both ends. 



Neodymium magnets are sensitive to the working environment. The humidity and even other corrosive elements can cause them to corrode quickly. 

To improve the durability of neodymium magnets, we will need to apply a layer or even multiple layers of coatings on their surfaces. Meanwhile, this will also make the magnets more resistant to scratches and other types of damage.  

Osenc can offer custom neodymium magnets with several different types of coatings. They include nickel, zinc, epoxy, etc. Each of them has its own unique properties and benefits.  

Please refer to this page to pick the most appropriate coating for your magnets. 


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