Plastic Magnet Manufacturing Processes​

Plastic magnet is the magnet combined with plastic.  The plastic can protect magnet not easily damage under impact. If that is over modling,  magnet can have good rust-proof.

For civilian use, this type of magnet has bright colors and a more fashionable appearance to promote consumer spending. For industrial purposes, these products are mostly used in automobiles.

There are currently four mainstream manufacturing processes:

Insert Molding

Make a steel mold and insert an unmagnetized magnet into the cavity of the mold. Liquid plastic flows around the magnet. When they cold, you got the plastic magnet. And that is semi-wrapped magnet.

Over molding

Different with insert molding is semi-wrapped,  over molding is the palstic fully wrapped the magnet. But fully wrapped is more diffeicult than the insert molding. In some case, one plastic magnet need twice molding process. If the thickness of wall is too small, how to help the manget without movement is the big problem.

Plastic magnet

Spray Painting

Plastic spray painting uses corrosion-resistant materials on the surface of plastic products to isolate corrosive media from the magnet, and then plays an anti-corrosion role, covering surface defects of plastic products, and at the same time improving the appearance of the product, making the product both beautiful and durable, and not easy to scratch flower

plastic magnet

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is another option for manufacturing fully-wrapped magnets.The basic principle is to rely on the local high temperature generated by high-frequency ultrasonic vibration and a certain amount of pressure to fuse two plastic case together. With this process, the wall of thickness need over 1mm. 

plastic coated neodymium magnet

If you have no idea which manufacturing suit your project, feel free to contact us. We have rich production experience and can provide customers with the most suitable production solutions and the most stable production. Ensure that each plastic magnet is accepted by customers in terms of quality and price.

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