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hexagon neodymium magnets

What is Hexagon neodymium magnets?

Hexagon neodymium magnets has 6 sides and 6 angles. Its 6 sides are the same length, and the angles between the 6 sides are also the same.
The internal angles of a regular hexagon, which is a hexagon in which all sides and angles are equal, measure 120 degrees each.


The hexagon shape has important applications in many fields, including mathematics, biology, chemistry, and engineering.
In engineering, the most typical application of the hexagon shape is for bolts, nuts, and other fasteners. The six-sided shape provides a secure grip and helps to prevent the fasteners from coming loose. Hexagon-shaped magnets also have various applications in motors, generators, and sensors.

The hexagon-shaped neodymium magnets can have multiple features depending on their composition and intended uses. Two of their most important features include:
Easy to machine: Hexagon-shaped magnets can be comparatively easier to make. Therefore, we can say it’s a cost-effective polygon.
Easy to combine: Thanks to the uniform sides of neodymium magnets with a regular hexagon shape, you can easily use multiple pieces of them to build a bigger layout.

Dimensional identification

As a common practice, neodymium magnet manufacturer use 2 parameters to define the sizes of hexagon neodymium magnets.
There are basically two types of diagonals in a hexagon which are: Long diagonals (3 diagonals that pass through the center), and short diagonals. And we use the value of a long diagonal to define the diameter of hexagon neodymium magnets.

They are the diameter and thickness (height), usually with numbers in millimeters.
Suppose you are looking for hexagon neodymium magnets with a diameter of 9 mm and a height of 3 mm, you can specify it this way: D9 x 3 mm.

Using this dimensional identification for custom neodymium magnets will help eliminate unnecessary misunderstandings on both sides about dimensions.

Available dimensions

The shapes of hexagon neodymium magnets can be regular or irregular. Most of the time, we use the regular shape because of its cost-effectiveness.
A regular hexagon has six equal sides and six equal angles, while an irregular hexagon has sides and angles of different sizes.

Here are the dimensions that we can offer:

Outer diameters: 1.5 – 300 mm (1/16 – 11 13/16 inches)
Height: 0.3 – 120 mm (1/64 – 4 ¾ inches)
Magnetic direction: 100mm (3 15/16 inches)

These are the possible limits that Osenc can offer.
If your designs are close to the biggest or smallest values, we need to confirm details case by case.

However, as a custom neodymium magnet supplier, Osenc is also able to provide irregular shapes for hexagon neodymiium magnets.

Irregular Hexagon: It has sides and angles of different measurements. All the internal angles are not equal to 120°. But, the sum of all interior angles is the same, i.e 720 degrees.
Convex Hexagon: It is one in which all the interior angles measure less than 180°. Convex hexagons can be regular or irregular, which means they can have equal or unequal side lengths and angles. All the vertices of the convex hexagon are pointed outwards.
Concave Hexagon: It is one in which at least one of the interior angles is greater than 180°. There is at least one vertex that points inwards.


Neodymium magnets have different grades, ranging from N35 to N55, and they also have high-temperature designs for special applications.
You can refer to our introduction to neodymium magnet grades. It will be helpful for you to determine which grade is the most appropriate for you.

Magnetization directions

Hexagon neodymium magnets have 2 common magnetization directions. They are the axial and radial magnetization directions.
Meanwhile, they still have 2 additional possible magnetization directions, though they are not commonly applied.


Neodymium magnets are sensitive to the working environment. The humidity and even other corrosive elements can cause them to corrode quickly.
To improve the durability of neodymium magnets, we will need to apply a layer or even multiple layers of coatings on their surfaces. Meanwhile, this will also make the magnets more resistant to scratches and other types of damage.
Osenc can offer custom neodymium magnets with several different types of coatings. They include nickel, zinc, epoxy, etc. Each of them has its own unique properties and benefits.

As for the neodymium hexagon magnets, we usually recommend the nickel coating, considering their typical applications. The nickel coating has good quality and also a reasonable balance between cost and effectiveness.

However, if you are looking for neodymium hexagon magnets for applications under harsh working conditions, you may need another coating that offers better performance.
Please refer to this page to pick the most appropriate coating for your magnets.

Optional designs

The neodymium hexagon magnets can work with other components to build new designs. Particularly, they are very good for indoor decoration.

Hexagon Fridge Magnets

We can put a natural wooden cover on it and make a hexagon fridge magnet. It’s usually for a decorative purpose, and you can arrange them into different figures on the fridge.

Resin hexagon magnets

It is also possible to use resin to make an outer cover, so the hexagon-shaped neodymium magnets can have beautiful graphics. They can have glossy surfaces.

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