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Big Neodymium Magnets are commonly known as huge magnets, or giant magnets. They are industrial magnets with dimensions greater than 150mm, widely used in large fans, motors and large robots because of their strong pull force and magnetic field.

These giant neodymium magnets with super power, regardless of their strength (N35, N45, or N52). It’d be better to always let professionally trained personnel handle them. Large magnets can stick to an iron plate very easily. Therefore, people should exercise extreme caution when handling them. Additionally, separating a big neodymium magnet from an object can be quite difficult, as the magnet may be damaged if handled incorrectly.

The cost of heavy duty magnets are very high, and the delivery time is long. For customers who are in the research and development stage, we recommend customers ask magnets manufacturers if they have any similar size in stock. This will save costs and time.

Osenc’s production capacity is strong, and we can offer large ring or round magnets with a maximum diameter of 300*40mm or 200*50mm. We can also manufacture smaller magnets according to your special requirements.

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How big are big neodymium magnets?

If you search for this question on Google, the answer is 40x40x20mm.

For many consumers, this size is sufficient.

For some enterprise customers, 40x40x20mm is not sufficient.

Osenc can produce such big magnet

At present, we are only able to produce:

Biggest disc Magnet of 300*40mm 

Biggest block Magnet of 250*100*40mm 

The longest magnetized direction is 100*100*100mm

Some magnetic drum customers have requested larger magnets of increased diameters – 300mm – so that a single ring magnet can be used instead of several smaller arc-shaped magnets to assemble their drums.

big neodymium magnets

How much do large magnets cost?

It depends on what magnet it is. Neodymium magnets are expensive. Because they take too much rare-earth to make.

If a neodymium magnet is larger, the price must be higher. The prices can range from $800 to $2000 or more per piece.

The price of big neodymium magnets is higher than that of the smaller magnets sold on amazon. Because they are large and difficult in processing. There are many factors that affect the price, among which the most important are:


The magnet is larger means that more raw materials are required for production. The main raw material is neodymium, a rare earth element. Therefore, larger lead to higher prices. Large also means that production is more difficult than with smaller sizes, which will need special machine and magnetizers.


Neodymium magnets are graded by the materials they are made of. A magnet of higher grade always means it contains more rare earth, like Dysprosium. It is more expensive than Neodymium. The greater the temperature resistance, the greater the number of other types of rare earths needed. That’s why a N35EH magnet costs more than a N35 magnet of equal size.


Prices can be quite different depending on the quantity of the order. For example, if a customer buys 1 piece, the price is $1,000. However, if the customer buys 2 pieces, the price per item is $850, since some fixed can be shared by another piece.
big magnets

Where can I buy big magnets

Osenc is one of the few Chinese companies that can supply large magnets. We provide large NdFeB magnets for many large European and American companies. There are fewer than 10 factories in China that can produce large magnets with a diameter of 250mm.

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How to ship big neodymium magnets

Ship by sea

Shipping big neodymium magnets by sea are the best choice because the magnetic strength is too big. Whether you want to ship one piece or a thousand pieces, that’s not an issue. The negative is that it takes a long time. 

Ship By Air Cargo/Express

If big neodymium magnets are shipped by air or air cargo, it depends on how big they are. People have to wrap them in a lot of iron plates to meet IATA regulations. This would add too much cost. That is why lots of companies suggest customer ship big neodymium magnets by sea.

buy neodymium magnets

Even if people wrap them with many iron plates, there is almost a 50% chance that the Gaussian values are still too large. In this case, they cannot obtain an IATA report, nor can we make international shipments.

In our experience, lots of neodymium mangets factories can not ship big magnet well. If only one large magnet is sent, there is only a 30% chance of it being sent successfully. If two magnets are shipped together, there is an 80% chance that they will be shipped successfully. If you would like to know more details about sending magnets abroad, please contact us directly.

Osenc can successfully ship all large neodymium magnets by Offical express, like DHL, UPS, and FedEx.

How Big Is The Magnetic Field From The Big Neodymium Magnets

The magnetic field of a large magnet is still very large.
A large magnet is nearly 0.6 Tesla(6000guass).

(But this is far less than Halbach. The Halbach we produced has a maximum magnetic field of nearly 14700 gauss.

It was made for the Max Planck Institute.)


What Should Be Noted When Buying Big Neodymium Magnets

Make Sure You Really Need A Big Magnet

Many customers express their interest in large magnets. However, few of them really need such big neodymium magnets. In many cases, their needs can be met with magnetic assemblies such as Halbach.

Be Sure You Are Properly Trained To Handle Big Magnets

Big neodymium magnets are very powerful. The bigger they are, the more care you need to take to avoid injury. So we need to make sure that people who handle magnets are professional or well trained.

Another characteristic of large neodymium magnets that makes them difficult to handle mechanically is the brittle nature of these magnets, which causes them to shatter into many small pieces if impacted.

Neodymium magnets are very hard to be made bigger, because their pull force is very strong. It is almost impossible to separate two big neodymium magnets from each other. We have

Lead Time And Shipping Time Is Long

The production time of big neodymium magnets can be affected by many factors. And it’s the same for transportation time.

Large-size magnets are all customized, the factory generally does not have raw materials on hand. Therefore, production time is longer than that of small magnets.

Normally, when producing a big neodymium magnet, we will definitely prepare a second part just in case. Sometimes the first sample may fail to meet the standard and needs to be re-produced. This leads to a production time of approximately 40-80 days. In most cases though, this takes only 40 days.

We recommend that all large-size magnets be shipped by sea because this is the most cost-effective. If such an order is shipped by air, the cost will increase dramatically.

How Strong Is The Pull Of The Big Neodymium Magnets?

Does the big neodymium magnets can delete data from the phone or HDD

As far as we know magnets are unable to delete data. But it affects some functions of the phone, such as the compass. And magnet also cannot delete HDD information.

How big neodymium magnets trigger green lights

We know that some motorcycle enthusiasts use some big magnets to trigger traffic lights. But actually, we don’t know much about this. The big magnets that hobbyists say are not the same size as the ones we actually offer. But if you must give an answer, you can refer to this post “Traffic Light Trigger

Does the big neodymium magnets have a bigger pull force?

The answer is “no”.

The ratio of the weight that magnets of different shapes and sizes can pick up and their own weight varies greatly, some are less than 200 times, some are more than 500 times, and some can reach more than 3000 times, so the 600 times written on the Internet is not completely correct


Cylinders or round cakes of the same diameter, the greater the height, the greater the weight that can be sucked up, and the suction force is basically proportional to the height
Cylinders or round cakes of the same height, big the diameter, the greater the weight that can be sucked up, and the suction force is basically proportional to the diameter
Cylinders or round cakes of the same volume and weight have different diameters and heights, and the weight that can be sucked up varies greatly. Generally, the longer the magnet orientation direction, the greater the suction force.
Magnets of the same volume will not necessarily have the same suction force, depending on the shape, the suction force may vary greatly
Magnets that pick up ferromagnetic substances of the same weight may vary in shape, volume and weight
Regardless of the shape, the length of the orientation direction has the greatest effect on the determination of suction.

Is the above text too long? Please see the table below to help you understand.


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