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In our life, we can find magnets everywhere. But lots of times we throw them away. And think that they are worthless. Today we would like to show you some useful functions about the neodymium magnets. And If you have any question or want to know more tips welcome to contact us. As we are magnet manufacturer wholesaler, so we know lots tips about that. And please know the magnet we talk about in this post is neodymium magnet, not the  Alnico magnet nor sintered ferrite magnet.

1. Make the screwdriver attach the screw.

We will found that the screwdriver can be easy attaching the screw. She will attract metal to her and self-tapping screws will stick to it. And that is not easy to drop. So you no need to worry about the screw will drop.

2. Organize the wires on your desk.

You will need a spring from the patriotic pen which must be wound at the base of the cable. And using hot melt adhesive glue small magnets to the table and then you will get a pretty convenient option of fixing the wires at work.

3. Take a magnet and the size, look like a coin and throw on the pocket.

And you will found that it is comfortable to keep nails to yourself and even more convenient to get them. (But don’t do that if you use Heart pacemaker, because that s dangerous) Same with the hammer, so that is very useful.

4. By gluing the magnets on a vertical surface you can mount various items there That’s how the tools are located on balcony.  

The kitchen also has an application of magnets Jars with metal covers can take place under the shelf, tin box on the side of the bedside table. Even in the refrigerator, you can arrange a place for drinks! How unpleasant moments when you scatter a metal trifle on the floor (Press the magnet more closely to the bottom of the box and with the help of unprecedented magic, make the glands come back to their place.)

5. By the way, in no case do not lean the magnets to the meters. Because the magnet will stop the meters. If you do that, the water company or electricity company will ask their lower to have a chat with you.

6. When your Mom bought chips!

You ate a little and you no longer to eat all of them. Fold the edge of the package as shown in the picture. Pack it with the help of two magnets, and the chips are not going anywhere!

7. Do your keys have no permanent place?

A small improvement of the light switch will solve this problem. At first, gently remove the light switch and its outer shell. To the inside, glue A magnet in.  So that he would be in the lower part of it. And then fit everything in place. In the end,  when we come back home, we will know exactly where to leave the keys. And it will not take any cost or too much time.

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