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Magnetic Roller Is Consumable Products

Due to the working principle of the magnetic roller, it is destined to be a consumable product. As the working time increases, the working efficiency of the magnetic roller will gradually decrease and will stay at a fixed level after a few years.

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Where To Buy Magnetic Roller

Most magnetic Rollers are manufactured in China. For efficient and best quality magnetic separators, always consider the Chinese companies. Chinese magnetic separators have fixed magnets having high field intensity and gradient. Magnets used in magnetic  separators are made of alloys of rare-earth elements and these are relatively more powerful than the other magnets. These powerful rare earth magnets generate high attraction forces at the magnetic roller because of their properties and the special magnetic series. Obtained high magnetic forces of attraction have low magnetic sensitivity and so, therefore, separation of the very fine and low magnetic minerals are made possible with a high recovery. The magnets that are used in these rollers are manufactured by the Chinese industries themselves and they are relatively more powerful. Never try to assemble the magnetic separator at home, as this is very dangerous. You can get magnetic  separators from Chinese companies according to your requirements.

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What Should Take Out When Buying The Magnetic Roller?


The grade of the magnet used in the roller will affect its strength and durability. To avoid the magnetic strength does not have enough power to separate the mine or metal, look for a high-grade magnet for your project.

working temperature:

The temperature of the room where you store your magnetic roller can also affect its durability. If the room is too warm, condensation may form on the metal surface of your roller, which can cause corrosion over time.

Manufactured capability:

The manufacturing process of your magnetic roller can also affect its durability. In order to choose a magnetic roller that will last as long as possible, make sure it’s made with high-quality materials and has been produced according to strict quality standards set by experts in this field!

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