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Ring Magnets

Ring magnet is a hot selling magnet in the market. People can buy many different shapes, sizes, and magnetic materials (like neodymium, ferrite, samarium) from the store. As a neodymium magnet factory, we offer ring neodymium magnets of N, H, M, SH grades with different coatings.

Ring Magnets With A Hole

Ring magnets, needless to explain, have a circular shape and a hollow center.
About the hollow center, there are 2 shapes in the market:

Ring Magnet

Normal Hole

A ring magnet is a disc magnet with a concentric hole drilled through the center. The normal hole ring magnet can use for many different applications and their size can be bigger, like OD 250mm and ID 200mm. Most normal hole small ring magnets are used for headphones, and big ring magnets use for speakers and climbing robots (A Comparative Study of Adhesion Mechanism for Wall Climbing Robots: Ring Magnet vs. Block Magnets, Jaise Jose).

countersunk neodymium magnets


A countersunk magnet is a ring magnet with one side appearing as a standard ring; meanwhile, the other side featuring an angled countersink which allows a screw head to fit inside. The angle usually being (but not always) 90 degrees.

Most countersunk magnets have a small hole, because the countersunk will fill in with a screw. And most countersunk neodymium magnets are used for fishing magnets. The biggest fishing magnet can hold almost 1-ton goods.


Powerful Ring Magnets

If you want to buy a powerful ring magnet, there are two options:

  • First, you can increase the size of the ring. This will increase its strength, but it will also make it heavier and more cumbersome.
  • Second, you can use high-performance materials like neodymium or SmCo. These magnets are lighter and stronger than regular magnets but they cost more money and they are less resistant to corrosion.

If you want to get higher power, like 1.6T (16,000Guass), you should use the Halbach array.

That is not a real ring magnet. It is a magnet assembly. The following Halbach array is what we produced for MPG (Max-PlanckGesellschaft).

halbach array

The most popular ring magnet is the neodymium ring. They can bring supreme strength to the application because they are made of rare earth neodymium magnetic material.

Most of the time, neodymium ring magnets are used in applications such as stereo systems, loudspeakers, motors, and sensors used in automotive and other high-tech, high-value applications, and in technology such as generators. Ring magnets are also utilized in new tech developments, such as robotics and hot new consumer electronics.


Used For Applications

And one thing to mention. Most people believe the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine is made of a very big ring magnet. Because the name has “magnetic” and the machine has a very big hole. In fact, the MRI machine has not magnets inside.

Science Experiment
Lots of ring neodymium magnets are used in science, from engineering new applications to performing experiments and demonstrations. They are often used in simple demonstrations for students to illustrate magnetic force, such as showing how two magnets will either attract to each other or repel away.

Osenc offers powerful neodymium rings. Whether you are installing ring magnets into a high technology application or testing something, or make an experiment for the young scientists. we can offer you an excellent ring magnet to suit your needs. Contact us now to get more information.

The advantages of ring magnets?

Ring magnets have several advantages over other types of magnets.

Firstly, their unique shape provides a more uniform magnetic field across their circular surface, making them ideal for applications that require a consistent magnetic field.

Secondly, their compact size and shape make them easy to handle and integrate into various systems. Ring magnets also have a higher magnetic pull force compared to other magnets of similar size, which makes them ideal for applications that require a strong magnetic field.

Additionally, they can be magnetized in various orientations, which adds to their versatility. Finally, ring magnets are widely available in different sizes, shapes, and magnetic strengths, making them suitable for a broad range of applications.

Where To Buy Ring Magnets?

1. Local Store

You can search for magnet stores near your company. You can test magnets in the store to see if they are what you need.

2. Amazon

As we know, Amazon has the best service. But sometimes, you can not make sure the grade is now really what you want.

3. Oline Store

4. Manufacturer

If you need some special ring magnets (like high grade, epoxy coating, very big or very small), you should buy it from the magnet manufacturer directly. Like the neodymium magnet, there are five factors, dimension, coating, grade, and magnetized direction.  You are hard to buy N52 neodymium magnet from the stock. Placing an order to the factory is the best solution.

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