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Neodymium magnets are comparatively smaller than many consumer products. Especially custom neodymium magnets and micro neodymium magnets, some are as small as the sales packages of smartphones.
Shipping strong neodymium magnets by air is a very good choice. Generally, this shipping method can fulfill delivery to most destinations around the world in a week. However, there are some critical points before you can ship them by air.
Osenc is a custom neodymium magnet supplier. We will explain the basics of shipping strong magnets by air in detail based on our knowledge and experience.

1. Can we ship neodymium magnets by air?

First of all, neodymium magnets are the strongest type of magnets in the market. They do have very strong magnetism that can influence the proper functions of various meters on the airplane.
For this reason, the government and logistics companies have special requirements for shipping magnets by air. The packages of your magnets must fulfill such requirements and obtain qualification reports before you can ship them out by air.
Usually, logistics companies can provide magnetic inspection service. And the cost for small packages is within tens of dollars. After their inspection and your packages meet the requirements, then you can ship them out by air.

2. How to pack neodymium magnets properly to ship by air?

Before we send the neodymium magnets to air shipping companies, we must properly pack them (we can call this step magnetic separation), so that their magnetism will meet the requirements of transportation safety by air.
Besides magnetism, shipping neodymium magnets has another concern. This type of magnets is fragile, and they are more likely to break or crack during shipping due to the vibration and even drops. Therefore, we must properly pack neodymium magnets before shipping.


  • Some people mistakenly take neodymium magnets as metals, and think they are strong. However, the truth is they are not metals, and they are fragile. They appear to be metals mostly because they have a layer of coating on their surfaces, which looks like those of metals.

As a common practice for Osenc, we will check the packages’ magnetism first with a handle device, after we pack the neodymium magnets. And the value we set will be at least 30% below the officially required one.
We do this deliberately to leave more space, in order to minimize the possibilities of excessive magnetism, which can lead to denials of shipping by air.

The last important thing will be to send the verified packages to the appointed institute for official tests and their IATA reports. After this step, we will be able to ship the neodymium magnets without issues if the packages pass their tests.

3. Materials and methods for packing neodymium magnets

The most important materials will be mounting form cores and magnetism separators. Usually, we use polystyrene foam boxes as the inner protection for neodymium magnets.
We will tell you more about shipping neodymium magnets by air. And explain how to pack them properly step by step.

1). Polystyrene foam

The 1st and the 3rd layers are polystyrene foam.
The 1st layer is to protect the neodymium magnets.
The 3rd layer is to protect the iron plate and keep the magnets in position.

2). Magnetism separators

The 2nd layer is actually a thin iron sheet. There are 6 of them inserted between the polystyrene foam box and the outer carton box. The purpose is to shield or redirect the magnetic field from the neodymium magnets. In this way, they will not affect other packages or airplanes.

These are the materials we use to pack neodymium magnets for shipping by air.

Usually, the weight of all magnetism separators will be within 2kg (4.4 lbs), and the magnetism separation is good. This packing method is ideal for regular neodymium magnets and micro neodymium magnets.

4. Shipping big neodymium magnets by air

It is not easy to ship big neodymium magnets by air. It can be especially difficult to ship only one individual piece of big neodymium magnet by air. Therefore, the packing method mentioned above is not applicable to big neodymium magnets, because they have very large magnetic fields, which are too hard to minimize to the mandatory value.

Here are 2 possible packing methods:

  • Use 3 – 5 layers of iron sheets.
  • If the neodymium magnets are quite big, put 2 of them in one box. And pack each magnet using 3 – 5 layers of iron sheets. This can minimize the magnetic field around them.

Lastly, shipping neodymium magnets can be a concern if you don’t have experience buying such strong magnets. This is because of their excessive magnetic fields.
Osenc is a custom neodymium magnet supplier with intensive experience in shipping big magnets by air. If you need help with big neodymium, especially timely shipping by air is your priority, make sure to send us an email.

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