Step 1: Mining (Ore)

This is the beginning of the entire neodymium magnet supply chain. It is the mining of large quantities of ore containing a mixture of rare earth minerals.

Rare earth elements (REEs) exist in large mixed deposits, such as cerium fluorocarbon, monazite, and yttrium phosphate ores. These deposits contain large amounts of rare earth elements, including cerium, lanthanum, and neodymium.

Step 2: Extraction (mineral concentrates)

The mined ore contains a mixture of rare earth elements and other minerals, so a concentrated mixture of rare earth elements needs to be extracted. This is done using a multi-stage process of leaching and precipitation to harvest the rare earth elements.

And by the way, China is currently the largest producer of rare earth elements.

Step 3: Separation (Oxide)

This step is the separation of the mixed concentrated rare earth into individual rare earth oxides by heating a chemical substance called calcination. Although the chemical treatment required to produce rare earth oxides is polluting and costly, countries are making better and better regulations to remediate the waste and pursue sustainable processes.

neodymium magnet supply chain

Step 4: Processing (Metals)

Next, the oxides are processed into rare-earth metals. The pure metals produced in this step become the basic building blocks for the production of rare-earth magnets.

Meanwhile, China is the only country where rare earth metals are commercially available on the market.

Step 5: Magnet Production (Magnets)

The final step of the neodymium magnet supply chain is the production of magnetic materials.

The procedures include:

1). Melt the alloy using a combination of materials, which include rare earth metals

2). Mill, press, and sinter to produce rare earth magnets with the desired performances

3). Make the magnets into the desired shapes using various processing techniques

4). Magnetize the finished magnets

As for Osenc, we focus on the last step of the neodymium magnet supply chain of neodymium magnets. That means offering finished custom neodymium magnets for various applications in different industries and fields.

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