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AlNiCo magnets are mainly composed of Aluminum, Nickel, Cobalt, and Iron. It has AlNiCo2, AlNiCo 5, AlNiCo8, It has the best temperature coefficient before low-temperature coefficient Samarium Cobalt magnets emerged, and its Max Woking Temperature is up to 1000 degrees Celsius. AlNiCo magnets do not require a protective coating. Because it does not have too much ferrite. So customers do not need to worry about rust and corrosion.

AlNiCo block magnets are used in the industry thanks to excellent resistance to corrosion, the hardness of the material, high magnetic flux density, and the capability of operating under very high temperatures.

FAQ Of Alnico Magnets :

Characteristics Of Alnico Magnets:

High magnetic strength, and energies but low coercivities.
Less brittle than Rare Earth magnets,
Highly resistant to corrosion,
Excellent temperature stability
Can be produced by the casting or sintering process

What Applications Use Alnico Magnet?

Microwave devices
Holding devices
Electric motors
Electric guitar pickups
Cow magnets
Automotive and electronic sensors
Hall effect sensors
Reed switches
TWT amplifiers

Need Surface Treatments?

No. It does not like the neodymium magnet. Alnico has good corrosion resistance.

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