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Custom neodymium magnets seem to be quite simple at the first glance. Actually, they have multiple factors to consider regarding applications and expectations. Choosing the right custom magnet supplier isn’t easy for beginners.
Some buyers do not understand the basics of magnets. They tend to think the magnets are the same if their sizes and appearance are the same. In fact, this is a misconception. You cannot tell the difference by judging from their appearance only.

For the reason mentioned above, working with a reliable custom neodymium magnet supplier is probably one of the most important factors in successful purchases. The magnet manufacturing industry is full of great companies, but bad actors also exist.
If you don’t have a good custom neodymium magnet supplier, then it is likely that the magnets you receive may not meet your expectations. Or magnets may have issues after arriving in your hand, costing you valuable time and money. This is particularly true for some development projects that require technical understanding and experience.

Osenc is a custom neodymium magnet supplier, lots of our workers have over 20 years of experience. We will tell you some tips about choosing the right custom magnet suppliers.

1. Prices can’t be too expensive, but definitely not cheap.

There is always a cost behind everything. Offering custom magnets is different from offering regular standard magnets. A supplier for such orders may have to do many things from scratch. Don’t have a big quantity of production to spread most fixed costs in the long term.
For this reason, the prices for custom magnets will surely be higher than those magnets you can find in the market. You have to be careful if the prices quoted are close or even the same. A possible reason can be that the supplier is quoting for magnets made from materials with lower grades.

2. Don’t limit specifications to types of magnets and dimensions

We can imagine that many buyers are able to specify the materials and dimensions of custom neodymium magnets to the supplier. But there are still multiple additional factors contributing to the quality of magnets.
If possible, add other parameters to your specifications when you talk with a supplier. You can consider these factors (but are not limited to them): type of coating, grade of magnets, working temperature, tolerance limits, etc.
In very few words, asking for more information will be very helpful for properly evaluating the quoted prices from magnet suppliers.

3. Choose a supplier focusing on your type of magnets

Different magnets have different features and manufacturing techniques. And the criteria and methods for evaluating their quality can be very different.
There are several types of magnets, and it’s impossible for a supplier to be good at all of them. As a common practice, a supplier usually focuses on one type or limited types of magnets.

  • For example, a supplier of neodymium magnets may spend more effort on quality management and innovation.
  • Meanwhile, a supplier of another type of magnet may spend more effort on cost-effectiveness.

4. Predefine magnets’ specifications clearly

Neodymium magnets are also called strong magnets or super strong magnets. Sometimes adjectives can be misleading. Therefore, always good to use numbers to define the specifications of magnets you need.
Generally speaking, a supplier will do their best to fulfill what they promise in the quote. However, many quality issues happen simply because of misunderstanding of requirements and expectations.

Here are 3 examples demonstrating the better ways to achieve the desired quality from your supplier.

  • Instead of saying the magnet should be very strong, you can specify its gauss to be 5,000 at least.
  • Instead of saying the magnet must have a perfect shape, you can specify its tolerance to be within +/- 0.05 mm.
  • Instead of saying the magnet must have good quality, you can specify its coating must last for a minimum of 72 hours in the salt spray test.

5. Choose a magnet supplier with inspection devices and instruments

As mentioned above, multiple factors define the quality of neodymium magnets, and better to have numbers for evaluation. And the supplier must have the necessary inspection devices and instruments to obtain such numbers.
You can consider asking the supplier for some numbers regarding the quality of the magnets. If they can give you at least some numbers, rather than only descriptions using adjectives, that means this supplier at least knows the basics for quality assurance.

6. Choose a supplier with attention to details

Needless to say, it’s always good to work with a supplier who sees things in your shoe. They will consider how to make the magnets convenient to use for you.
One small detail you can pay attention to is the label on the boxes of magnets. Good suppliers will put a label on the top, indicating the dimensions, grades, quantities, etc. Besides the convenience for you as a user, this is also helpful for the supplier to avoid mistakes – magnets can look quite similar.

7. Choose a supplier with optimum quality control

A good magnet supplier should fulfill customers’ requirements without any compromise, including the magnets’ performance, dimensions, tolerance, etc.
We should not falsely claim or label the magnets to boost their quality so that they can sell at higher prices and gain more profit. And a good supplier should be strict with quality inspection. They will remove magnets with defects to ensure magnet quality consistency.

Last but not least, do not just check the prices from a custom neodymium magnet supplier. Take more aspects into consideration. This will help you find a reliable partner, which is more likely to save you money and time in the end.

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