smco magnet

SmCo magnets, one type of super magnets, the main raw material is the rare earth, samarium, and cobalt. It has The stability of working temperatures, resistance to corrosion, and demagnetization. All these features make them well-suited for many applications. SmCo Magnet Ranges SmCo has two ranges, they have different magnetic power. Sm1Co5 (Sm: Co is …

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what magnet is stronger than neodymium

Rare earth magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets manufactured and are integral to the high-tech industry, especially in clean energies, like wind turbine generators and electric vehicle motors. China extracts and produces over 95% of the world’s rare earth minerals, moreover has cut its exports since the year 2010. In addition to the …

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direction of the magnetic field

The direction of magnetic field is the direction (Magnetization Direction) to which a compass needle points when placed inside a magnetic field. Magnetic field is a vector quantity and its direction decides several other things like direction of induced current, direction of magnetic force, torque on magnetic dipole, etc. So it’s direction can be explained …

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Magnetic Field Simulation

Magnetic Field Simulation Table of Contents Magnetic field simulation is an important tool for magnet makers and users. This article will explore how magnetic field simulation works and how it can help design and build better magnet systems. 1. Understanding Magnetic Field Simulation A. Magnetism Basics It’s hard to make sense of magnetic field simulation …

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