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As an experienced custom neodymium magnet supplier, Osenc follows a general procedure of 8 steps to offer customer service to new customers, who contact us for the first time.
In this way, we can assure the quality of our customer services, making communication effective between both sides, and avoiding unnecessary disputes.
Below are details about the 8 basic steps for ordering custom neodymium magnets. Hope they will help you obtain the right magnets smoothly.

1. Provide basic information about the magnets

Tell us a little bit about the magnets, and it is always good to have more information than less.
If you don’t know much about magnets yet, we advise providing the simple information listed below.

  • Materials for the magnets (namely, which type of magnet)
  • Dimensions for the magnets (the last size will be for the magnetization direction by default)
  • Coatings for the magnet
  • Applications of the magnet

If you already have sufficient knowledge about magnets, consider providing some additional information as listed below.

  • Grades of the magnets
  • Expected performances
  • Additional information

2. Send a sketch or a sample

A technical sketch will be very helpful for understanding the dimensions of a magnet – no matter a simple hand-drawn sketch or a professional technical sketch.
The technical sketch can be in any of the common file formats – any format generated by regular office software: JPG, PNG, PDF; or common CAD formats supported by popular 2D & 3D design software.
No sketch? No problem. Describe the magnets by email or send us a sample. Pick the way that’s most convenient for you.

3. Osenc prepares a quote

We will carefully calculate various costs and give you the most favorable quote.
Meanwhile, we will also include information like sampling time, sampling fees, delivery time, etc., in case you will request a sample to check before taking the next step.
We will send it to your email box in a short time.

4. Confirm the quote

Double-check the details on the quote that we prepare after receiving it.
You are always welcome to ask anything, and we reply to most messages and emails within hours.
If the quote is good and no more questions about it, then you can confirm it by email or sign the purchase document and send Osenc the down payment.
If there is anything to modify or update, we will do and send you again,

5. Osenc prepares magnet samples

Usually, we advise buying samples before placing an order for mass production.
Confirming all the details with samples in your hand will be good for both sides.
We will prepare the samples in the shortest time according to the predefined specifications.
(Note: if you are ordering very few magnets – for example, only one big magnet – then we will not make samples for confirmation).

6. Confirm the samples to Osenc

After you receive the samples, please double-check all the predefined specifications.
If there are no further modifications, then please confirm by email, and better to sign a purchase agreement.

7. Osenc prepares production and shipment

We will arrange production for the custom neodymium magnets based on our agreed specifications and delivery schedules.
After the magnets are ready, we will pack them properly and test the magnetism with professional instruments, in order to make sure the packages will comply with mandatory shipping policies.
And will also obtain the mandatory test reports for shipping before shipping them out.

8. Send Osenc the due payment

If everything goes smoothly, then send Osenc the due balance.
And we will contact the logistics companies to pick up the magnets.

The procedures mentioned above are for general reference. Needless to say, each customer has unique expectations.
Therefore, we are always more than happy to do whatever we can to make it best for our customers, rather than sticking to a fixed procedure.

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