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Pack magnets well are very important in magnet shipping. As you know, buying a neodymium magnet from the online store is easy, Ship neodymium magnet by air will be a problem. Because the neodymium magnet is fragile and magnetic. It is easy to affect flight safety. So we have to be careful to ship the magnet.
Some people say the NdFeB magnet is metal, so that is not fragile, and then no need to worry about them being broken. In fact, we should know that NdFeB is not metal, it is just a magnet but was plated with some metal, like Nickel, Zinc, Gold.
It is fragile. In fact, the NdFeB magnet is very fragile in all kinds of magnets.
So, we would like to show you how the seller shipped the 6-inch neodymium magnet. Some people will ask why we choose a 6-inch magnet because people do not use a 6-inch magnet daily. The answer is 6-inch magnet has big magnetic power. It will help you know that packing is very important.
If you want the magnet was delivered in good condition, pack neodymium magnet well is the point.
OK, let s start to introduce you to the packing.
In normal, we ship the magnet with a box that is 4 times or 5 times big. Maybe you will be wondering why we pack the magnet with such a big box, the answer will let you know when you finished reading.

pack magnet well

What Package Is Used To Pack Neodymium Magnet?

The main material is Styrofoam and the thin sheet of iron


The first layer and third layer are Styrofoam.

The first layer protects the neodymium magnets.
The third layer of styrofoam protects the sheet of iron and hold the goods well.

Thin Sheet Of Iron

The second layer is a thin sheet of iron.

In fact, there are 6 pieces of thin iron sheet in the box, in order to shield or redirect the magnetic field from the neodymium magnet. So the neodymium magnet will not affect other parcels or planes when people want to ship them by air.

That is all material we used to pack the neodymium magnet. So now you can understand why the box is 4 times or 5 times bigger than the neodymium magnet. Even though is bigger, it still has magnetic, so you still need to claim the parcel is a magnet. So the express will pay attention to that. They will ship it more carefully and dispatch it with other products which were easily affected by magnetic.

Packing Large Neodymium Magnets

That is normal packaging for a normal magnet and micro magnets, which do not suit large magnets.
Because the large magnet has a very big magnetic field, that is too hard to redirect it. Pack large neodymium magnet should be:

Needs to take 3-5 layer iron plate
If the magnets is very huge, please combine 2 magnets in one box/container.(each of them have to pack well, like below picture)  And then the magnetic circuit will change to small.

large mangnet container

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