Triangular Neodymium Magnets

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Triangle Neodymium Magnets

Triangle neodymium magnetS has 3 edges and 3 vertices. It is one of the basic shapes for various applications in consumer products, industrial machines, medical devices, etc.

Features of triangle neodymium magnets

As a custom neodymium magnet supplier, we can make many different triangles by varying the length of the sides and their internal angles. You only need to specify their values.

Dimensional identifications

We categorize the triangle neodymium magnets as irregular shapes. This is because there are multiple values that define their shapes. It’s not easy to tell clearly with a simple formula.

Therefore, we always recommend sending us a technical sketch for a FREE quote.

Available dimensions

As mentioned above, triangles can have many different shapes. So it’s not easy to tell what maximum dimensions are available. The values below are based on simplified results. Please talk to Osenc if your design is close to the maximum dimensions.

Available sizes for triangle neodymium magnets

Length: 1 – 200mm (1/16 – 7 7/8 inches)

Width: 0.5 – 100mm (1/64 – 3 15/16 inches)

Height: 0.3 – 120mm (1/64 – 4 ¾ inches)

The smallest size of triangle magnets

Long side 1 × medium side 1 × short side 0.3 mm (1/16 x 1/16 x 1/64 inches)


Neodymium magnets are graded based on the strength of their magnetic field. The grade of a neodymium magnet is indicated by a number. A bigger number indicates a stronger magnetic field.

Neodymium magnets have different grades, ranging from N35 to N55, and they also have high-temperature grades for special applications, like H, M, SH, EH, and AH.

You can refer to our introduction to neodymium magnet grades. It will be helpful for you to determine which grade is the most appropriate for you.


Neodymium magnets are sensitive to the working environment. The humidity and even other corrosive elements can cause them to corrode quickly.

To improve the durability of neodymium magnets, we will need to apply a layer or even multiple layers of coatings on their surfaces. Meanwhile, this will also make the magnets more resistant to scratches and other types of damage.

Osenc can offer custom neodymium magnets with several different types of coatings. They include nickel, zinc, epoxy, etc. Each of them has its own unique properties and benefits.

Please refer to this page to pick the most appropriate coating for your magnets.

Magnetization directions

Disc neodymium magnets have 2 common magnetization directions. They are the axial and radial magnetization directions.

As a custom neodymium supplier, Osenc is able to magnetize the magnets as you want.

Optional Variants

Countersunk triangle magnets

You can add one or multiple countersunk holes to the triangle neodymium magnets, so you can fix them to another component. This design has common applications for industrial sensors.

Curved triangle magnets

Segment triangle magnets

You can use segment triangle neodymium magnets for industrial applications, especially for electrical motors.

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