Welding Magnets

Welding magnets are the best solution to hold your metal projects together at specified angles allowing you to work through them without having to pause to move them. It is predominantly used to hold pieces of magnetic materials in a position where a series of small welds are used to align pieces of metals securely before completing a final weld.
They can also help you to weld together things such as steel gates, metal stair steps even your bicycle frames.
different angle welding magnet is designed with an arrow shape to allow you to work with different angles while welding, soldering, or installing metalwork.

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Arrow Magnetic Welding

If you want to get precise angles and nice welding results, it’s very hard to use clamps while having gloves on. With just 2 hands, you can’t hold the workpieces and weld them well. And then Arrow shape steel magnetic welding holder is your best solution. It can be like an extra pair of hands so you can concentrate on your work while securing the material for accurate welding.

V-Shaped Magnetic Welding Clamps

V-shaped magnetic welding fixtures are easy to install and apply in the construction industry. Made of stainless steel material, durable and reliable, strong pull force, hold tabs, or any small metal pieces, parallel or perpendicular to the substructures.

Magnetic Welding Ground Clamps

A Magnetic Welding Ground Clamp saves your time for finding, placing, or removing a ground point for a welding job. This device serves as the ground point, which you can take with you anywhere. Simply tack this onto a convenient spot, hook up your safety wire and you’re ready to weld.
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