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January 9th, 2023 11:46 am

This is a post to show you our mad magnet experiments. This will be the craziest so far. We are sure you haven’t seen this before. We’ll attempt to combine two 6 x 2 inch big neodymium magnets. It is very dangerous and hard to work. Because of magnets with a rated pull force of 1200 kg each.

Is it even possible or will we fail and end up with an expensive pile of magnet crumbles?
We will show you the result.

Before the testing, we should remind you that, Neodymium magnets are not toys! Do not handle magnets of the shown size unless you know and accept all the risks involved. So why would we even attempt this? Because we know most people will be interested in that, but it is also a dangerous testing. So let us take the risk.

pictures and content from Brainiac75

Both of them are 6 x 2 inches. Since then we’ve been planning how to combine the two magnets in a controlled way.

Neodymium magnets are brittle like a ceramic dinner plate and with a ton of pull force – literally – this project is more difficult and dangerous than you might think. It takes some preparation to avoid chipping or even shattering the magnets.

We have used wedges made of hardwood in the past but they are not solid enough for larger magnets. we hope these felling wedges made of plastic are the solution.

They are designed to be solid and not pop out when the weight of a tree is pushing down on them. But our worry is not them falling out. Getting them stuck in the pinch between the magnets is the problem. So we will off with the spikes. So far, it’s been a one-man project to combine our magnets.

As this testing is very dangerous and we worry about the magnet will stuck. So we call for a secret helper. Helper has absolutely no experience in handling powerful magnets but will more than double our forces in men versus magnets.

The first magnet is placed with its south pole facing upwards. And the heavy wedge is placed over the magnet.


We double-check the polarity and notice the low gauss reading above the wedge.

25 centimeters or 10 inches from the magnet. It is only 1% of the gauss reading flat at the surface of the magnet. Nicely low for safety but we still secure the wedge with some old belts to make sure the bottom magnet isn’t suddenly set free. The other magnet is placed in a carrier to make sure we never have our fingers between the magnets – again with the south pole upwards.

After an easy lift it is time for the slide. One man pulled the wedge and one man pulled the magnet in opposite direction and tried to keep everything centered over the bottom magnet. And we can hear a sound which is the bottom magnet lifting up from the ground.

The magnets are now pinned on each side of the wedge. After reaching the plastic part the forces are now too high for this to work.

Even with the secret helper pulling so hard that everything slides across the carpet the magnets are not coming any closer.

We are so worried about that is this where it ends?

Time to come up with a plan B. We decided to turn it into a tug of war.

Two men at one end and the two magnets at the other.

Of a flaw in our design, it is possible for the wedge to go off-center. So of course, it happens…Off-camera we managed to center the wedge a millimeter at the time with a lot of twisting and manhandling.

After the final pull! However, it didn’t last long before something shook us. The noise was loud and unexpected! Still not sure what made this sound?

Your guess is as good as mine. After checking nothing bad has happened, so we carry on.

What a relief at that moment. The magnets are not stuck on the wedge and no humans or magnets were harmed. The only damage is a bite to one of the felling wedges. A tiny bit is stuck between the magnets but it is so flattering that it isn’t a problem. The magnets aren’t perfectly centered but with an awkward technique, we manage to align them.

Once all of the edges are aligned the magnets will not move anymore. They feel welded. So here it is a 6×4 inch neodymium magnet.

More compact and safer to store than the two separate magnets and with a solid magnetic field. As you can say our table isn’t all wood.

We are so happy that this experiment ended so well. Maybe in the future, we will show you how to separate big magnets like these. Because people want these combined magnets to ship by air, that is an impossible mission.

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