You get a variety of options to choose from when searching for customized magnets cheap. Neodymium magnets are versatile and popular for their magnetic strength and unique shapes. The neodymium magnets are prepared from neodymium, iron, and boron. The mix of these three elements turns these magnets into the strongest available magnets on this planet.

This magnet does not rust because of a nickel-plated surface. Hence neodymium magnets are cheap and widely available, they are used in a huge range of electronic, artistic, and mechanical products. If you are also planning to buy one, you should consider a few important things before you place the order.

What Shape’s Neodymium Magnet You Want?

Different shapes of neodymium magnets are used for different demands. Whether you are looking for design magnets to produce something artistic or simply need a small but powerful magnet, check all the shape magnets available in the market. You can get neodymium magnets in a variety of shapes such as rods/disks, disk countersunks, squares, rings, spheres, square countersunks, etc. All the magnets in these shapes will be nickel painted to prevent rusting. The strength and unique shape of these magnets can provide great support in any application.


When buying custom designed magnets, it is quite important to choose the right size. You might need the magnet for producing an electronic product or industrial equipment. One size of the magnet does not fit all the equipment and devices. Though small-size custom industrial magnets are also quite powerful, they cannot replace giant-sized neodymium magnets for heavy jobs. You should carefully consult the size of the magnet before you place the order to ensure you will receive the right one for your job.

Choose A Reliable Manufacturer

A number of custom magnet manufacturers are available in the market. Most of them claim to offer high-quality service. They claim to offer all sizes and all shapes’ neodymium magnets but eventually they end up by restricting the design and shape options.

You should discuss all your demands prior to placing the order. Thus, you can ensure you will receive what you are paying for. Buying custom shaped neodymium magnets from a local manufacturer may be a risky deal because you may end up paying an expensive price. You should search for the manufacturers online and then pick the best one for placing a bulk order.

Buying custom neodymium magnets becomes an easy task when the manufacturer already has standard types and sizes of this magnet. You cannot deny the fact that neodymium magnets are the best when it comes to strength and availability.

Their sensitivity to high temperatures makes them a bit risky to invest in. However, you can find a manufacturer who can produce neodymium magnets by adding additional materials to reduce temperature sensitivity. Thus, you will be able to use this magnet in a variety of applications without spending a lot on buying different types of magnets.