grades of magnets

Magnets come in different shapes and sizes, and when shopping for neodymium magnets, you may come across the term “grade,” which refers to the strength of the magnetic material used in the magnet. Understanding the grades of magnets can help you choose the right one for your specific application. What Are Magnet Grades? Magnet grades …

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purchasing magnet guideline

Are Neodymium Magnets Only Used In Small Speakers?   This post about shows you how to handle large neodymium magnets safely and sometimes test their power just for the fun of it… we were often asked what neodymium magnet would be good for a beginner who would like to try the power of neo-magnets but …

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searching for custom shaped neodymium magnets

You get a variety of options to choose from when searching for customized magnets cheap. Neodymium magnets are versatile and popular for their magnetic strength and unique shapes. The neodymium magnets are prepared from neodymium, iron, and boron. The mix of these three elements turns these magnets into the strongest available magnets on this planet. This …

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custom rare earth magnets

The Neodymium or rare earth magnet is certainly the best when it comes to strength and performance. The rare earth magnet features pull-force of 10 times stronger than other types of magnets and approximately 20,000 times better than the magnetic field generated by our planet. Before you plan to buy custom neodymium magnets, you must know that …

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motor and permanent magnet

Permanent magnet motors use permanent magnets to generate the magnetic field of the motor, without the need for excitation coils or excitation current. Compared with traditional electric excitation motors, it has significant advantages such as high efficiency and simple structure. The applications of permanent magnet motors are extremely wide, covering almost every field of aerospace, …

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how do magnetic drum pulleys work

Magnetic drum pulleys are mounted at the head of the conveyor belt where the discharge takes place and removes metal contaminants from the product on the conveyor belt. It is integrated into the system for automatic continuous separation and attracts the metal parts during the roller rotation while the cleaned product emerges. As soon as the conveyor belt …

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separate magnet

Separate Magnet How To Separate Magnet Easily The easiest techniques for separating your neodymium magnets. If you use neodymium magnets, as many of us do, then you are probably aware of their strength. Magnets are quite powerful, and when used incorrectly they can be dangerous. However, if you are someone who has been using multiple …

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