Sizes Of Custom Neodymium Magnets

Custom neodymium magnets have various shapes, including rods, discs, blocks, and many other irregular shapes. However, we have different ways to tell the sizes of different shapes. They can be confusing if you don’t have much experience with magnets.Osenc is a custom neodymium magnet supplier, and we’ve prepared a list to explain how to understand …

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adhesives for magnet

What Adhesives Use For Magnet   There are lots of magnets in the market, but how to work with the different types of magnets? Like the neodymium magnet, ferrite magnet. In this post, we would like to share with you what is different if we use different glues and adhesives. Even we will mention some specific glues. …

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magnet gauss

Table of Contents In this business, we often hear about Magnet Gauss, but we have a question now, what is Gauss? How much can Gauss be achieved with magnetism? How do we know how much Gauss does the magnet has? How much can Gauss be used for the commonly used N35 and N38? In this post, …

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In our life, we can find magnets everywhere. But lots of times we throw them away. And think that they are worthless. Today we would like to show you some useful functions about the neodymium magnets. And If you have any question or want to know more tips welcome to contact us. As we are magnet …

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rare earth magnets

If we pay attention, it will be very easy to find many rare earth magnets in our daily life. It is a very common feature in household appliances. These magnets are permanent magnets, and it sounds like fancy for many people. But do you have any idea about what it is different from other type …

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types of magnets

A magnet is among the most amazing objects of nature that possess certain special attributes. It is an object that generates or creates a magnetic field that can pull or repel certain types of materials which includes iron and nickel. Because of this special quality, magnets are used for a variety of industrial purposes. Speaking …

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how to pack the magnet

Pack magnets well are very important in magnet shipping. As you know, buying a neodymium magnet from the online store is easy, Ship neodymium magnet by air will be a problem. Because the neodymium magnet is fragile and magnetic. It is easy to affect flight safety. So we have to be careful to ship the magnet.Some …

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